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- Experience a miracle.
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- Expand vocabulary
- Make a damn blogskin for god's sake...
- Stop being a total tech-addict
- Discover or prove something amazing.
- Get studying and hope to conquer the exams which generally tend to chew my brains off.
- Watch all the heart-warming/comedy/worth watching/inspirational/chick flick/oscar winning movies in the world.
- Enjoy my life while I can.
- Be worldly wise. Well. No harm in dreaming high.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010
"To Kill That Time" @ 8:00:00 PM writes:

Yeah people, I'm back after more than a year of hiatus(which I regret deeply but hey, you've got to pay a price for the boards, don't you!). So for all you poor souls out there dying to catch a glimmer of an update on this blog, feast on this.

It's weird how we are so choc-a-bloc with stuff to do/'study' during our exams, and then when we actually GET some free time, we are at a complete loss as to what to do. So as a result of the two precariously empty and creativity-inspiring months stretching out in front of me, I have compiled a list(for all you 'I'm-so-bored' whiners) of stuff to do to kill time, other than the obvious work-play-eat routine.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009
"" @ 8:31:00 PM writes:

Alright, so this is my first post this year, which basically cements my laziness. It's April, summer's in full bloom, Kerala is at its second prettiest (first is during Onam, in spring), school's out for the month, I'm jobless as usual, I've watched more movies this month than a ten year old kid would've watched in their lifetime.....yet why do I seem to find it so hard to navigate to this site?? Because I know that once I do come here, I'll be magnetically drawn to 'Create New Post' and a good two hours will be spent on this, when I could've sat and watched a whole movie meanwhile. Which I already do everyday.


So my eleventh is over. And once again, I prepare myself to step into the dark and turbid catacombs of The Boards...for the third time.

But unlike the previous two years of battling with the boards(2004 and 2008-09), I find myself facing an unexpected junction.

I find myself at crossroads; my equally strong inclinations for two contrasting futures me apart. This has never happened before; you're not asked to decide your career in your tenth, all you had to do was to 'study and leave the rest to others' then. But 12th is slightly more cruel this way.

Especially in Kerala where I find the PC entrance mania quite rampant enough to make me want to quit the classes. But I won't, of course. Because there's a part in me - a teeny weeny one - which madly hopes this at least will be of the minutest use to my future...and another which longs to break free of the Entrance Exams Saga and foray into the much more appetizing world of Humanities.

Then again, maybe I won't.

Okay. I sense my confusion seeping into this post and making it an overall bore to digest, so I stop rambling here. I plan to hunt for a new blogskin; this one's getting old.



Tuesday, December 30, 2008
"" @ 7:58:00 PM writes:

2008 is dying...

Well. I can't wait for it to get cremated.

That's right - I want to bury this year deep, deep down inside the nethermost canyons in the world - neglected coldly, to rot...hopefully along with all the harsh and bitter memories and experiences it so mercilessly shoved on me. And yes - after the most terrible year ever in my entire life - and I know that a more horrid year will never, ever come into my life; God isn't entirely ruthless - 2009 better be a somewhat more peaceful year. I know the years ahead will never be the same again for me - but still, I certainly do expect much more peace of mind next year than I got in 2008.

Switching over to the lighter side of me (yup, it's still intact - no worries there! :))...

Fireworks, crackers, balloons, cakes, countdowns blah blah blah... I'm surprised that very few of these before-mentioned New Year-package-deals are seen littered about the cityscape here - or rather, townscape. Well, it does seem like the unnerving Mumbai blasts have even left my town shaken - no surprises here; it shocked me beyond words, as well.

And well, what else made the news in 2008?
Oh yeah. The infamous elections. Don't get me wrong - I don't know the ABC's of politics and neither do I have any interest in knowing so in the near future, either - but Obama's win represented symbolically something heart-warmingly pleasant - something we've seen in scores of movies and books, something we firmly root and cheer for - the rise of the underdog. Well, kind of. Blacks, till a decade or so back, had been treated rather unfairly in the US, if the knowledge I've gained from movies stand correct. However, I'm not talking about just the Blacks. Take racial discrimination - believe me, I've faced it big time, and it really hurts you from inside. And well, coming to local levels - the underdog is present everywhere - in school, in families, in monarchy, in slavery, in fairy tales, in - well - everywhere. And mostly, it is the underdog which rises in the long run. This natural hierarchy, I applaud.

Enough intellect (though amatuer, rather. But it's a first for me - discussing something general in depth) - this would be just right to stir fry my own brain if I were the reader.

Well. Here's wishing every single soul who has the fortune to breathe on this planet a most wonderful, peaceful, merry, beautiful, exciting, fulfulling -and yeah, did I mention wonderful?- 2009! Life may seem like it's letting you down all the time but there's always something new to look forward to - and a completely new year is the best re-beginning one can ask for. So kudos to the coming year and here's hoping it brings this planet 365 peaceful days.

Some day.
Some hope.

Oh well. Cheerio!


Thursday, September 11, 2008
"" @ 10:56:00 AM writes:

Scream at me for so cruelly neglecting to feed this blog. But I'll still remain the same old lazybone!


Today is a great day. A pleasant drizzle coupled with a sprinkling of cold admist all the stuffiness of the monsoon season, the earthy(muddy) path leading to the temple, on which I tread today at the break of dawn(I FINALLY managed to wake up before ten o'clock!! Six, in fact.), the warm faces of my family and relatives wishing me and my dearest friends waking up early in the morning specially to phone me...

Seems the entire world is wishing me a happy birthday.

Okay, I am SO not shrieking out to everyone that it is my birthday today, but the truth is it really is my birthday today!
*mischievous smirk*

After announcing this rather surreptiously, I depart. I know not the use of this post...which I will eventually trash. Its fate remains undecided. As of now, let it remain. Let the smouldering remains of my blog writhe in agony at my sheer modesty.



Sunday, July 06, 2008
"Paradoxes" @ 2:32:00 PM writes:

This seems like a fascinating topic for me to blog about. At least, I think so, after reading a few articles on paradoxes. I recently Stumbled on www.paradoxes.co.uk , which had excellent references to paradoxes, and I was completely intrigued by the whole concept. Those of you for whom the word seems alien, worry not:). I have compiled togather a complete article (written mostly by me; the problems have been copied shamelessly from the net; after all, I didn't create them!)


A Paradox, in my opinion is a wonderfully twisting, mind-bending problem which has no obvious answers, or that which contradicts itself leaving no possible answer.

Wikipedia defines a Paradox as -

'An apparently true statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or a situation which defies intuition; or it can be, seemingly opposite, an apparent contradiction that actually expresses a non-dual truth'

The Chambers Dictionary, 2006 defines it as-

Something which is contrary to received conventional opinion; something which is apparently absurd but is or may be really true; a self-contradictory statement'

I hope you get the general idea- a paradox is an
impossible situation. Still confused? Allow me to enlighten you with a basic (rather silly) example-

What would you do if you see this notice which said-


Would you ignore it? If you ignore it, you would actually be noticing it. If you notice it, you would actually not be ignoring it.

That was example number one. Now let's move on to more complex stuff (am I starting to sound like a teacher?? If so, you have the absolute liberty to give me a good whack on my head).

Example number 2 goes like this-
Consider this sentence-

This sentence is false.

This is popularly known as the Liar Paradox. Is that sentence true or false? If it is false then it is true, and if it is true then it is false...

Boggling? Trust me, it gets worse...

Consider this, also known as the famous 'Hilbert's Hotel Paradox', which is based on the concept of infinity...

Imagine a hotel with a finite number of rooms, and assume that all the rooms are occupied. A new guest arrives and asks for a room. "Sorry" - says the proprietor - "but all the rooms are occupied." Now let us imagine a hotel with an infinite number of rooms, and all the rooms are occupied. To this hotel, too, comes a new guest and asks for a room. "But of course!" - exclaims the proprietor, and he moves the person previously occupying room N1 into room N2, the person from room N2 into room N3, the person from room N3 into room N4, and so on... And the new customer receives room N1, which becomes free as a result of these transpositions.

Let us imagine now a hotel with an infinite number of rooms, all taken up, and an infinite number of new guests who come in, and ask for rooms.

"Certainly, gentlemen," says the proprietor, "just wait a minute." He moves the occupant of N1 into N2, the occupant of N2 into N4, the occupant of N3 into N6, and so on, and so on...

Now all odd numbered rooms become free and the infinity of new guests can easily be accommodated in them.

How is this a paradox?

The proprietor's "just wait a minute" seems optimistic; it would surely take him an infinite time to shift the guests around.
This implies that the job will take an infinite amount of time, therefore the infinite number of guests will have to be kept waiting for infinity...


Here's a brilliant one I found(please, readers, have the patience to go through each and every word of the post....it'll pay off, be guaranteed about that!)-

The Unexpected Hanging

A man condemned to be hanged was sentenced on Saturday. "The hanging will take place at noon," said the judge to the prisoner, "on one of the seven days of next week. But you will not know which day it is until you are so informed on the morning of the day of the hanging."

The judge was known to be a man who always kept his word. The prisoner, accompanied by his lawyer, went back to his cell. As soon as the two men were alone, the lawyer broke into a grin. "Don't you see?" he exclaimed. "The judge's sentence cannot possibly be carried out."

"I don't see," said the prisoner.

"Let me explain They obviously can't hang you next Saturday. Saturday is the last day of the week. On Friday afternoon you would still be alive and you would know with absolute certainty that the hanging would be on Saturday. You would know this before you were told so on Saturday morning. That would violate the judge's decree."

"True," said the prisoner.

"Saturday, then is positively ruled out," continued the lawyer. "This leaves Friday as the last day they can hang you. But they can't hang you on Friday because by Thursday only two days would remain: Friday and Saturday. Since Saturday is not a possible day, the hanging would have to be on Friday. Your knowledge of that fact would violate the judge's decree again. So Friday is out. This leaves Thursday as the last possible day. But Thursday is out because if you're alive Wednesday afternoon, you'll know that Thursday is to be the day."

"I get it," said the prisoner, who was beginning to feel much better. "In exactly the same way I can rule out Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday. That leaves only tomorrow. But they can't hang me tomorrow because I know it today!"

He is convinced, by what appears to be unimpeachable logic, that he cannot be hanged without contradicting the conditions specified in his sentence. Then on Thursday morning, to his great surprise, the hangman arrives. Clearly he did not expect him. What is more surprising, the judge's decree is now seen to be perfectly correctly. The sentence can be carried out exactly as stated.

A similar, easier one-

On a Monday morning, a professor says to his class, "I will give you a surprise examination someday this week. It may be today, tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday at the latest. On the morning of the examination, when you come to class, you will not know that this is the day of the examination."

Well, a logic student reasoned as follows: "Obviously I can't get the exam on the last day, Friday, because if I haven't gotten the exam by the end of Thursday's class, then on Friday morning I'll know that this is the day, and the exam won't be a surprise. This rules out Friday, so I now know that Thursday is the last possible day. And, if I don't get the exam by the end of Wednesday, then I'll know on Thursday morning that this must be the day (because I have already ruled out Friday), hence it won't be a surprise. So Thursday is also ruled out."

The student then ruled out Wednesday by the same argument, then Tuesday, and finally Monday, the day on which the professor was speaking. He concluded: "Therefore I cannot get the exam at all; the professor cannot possibly fulfil his statement." Just then, the professor said: "Now I will give you your exam." The student was most surprised!

Alright, let's move on to Mathematics (do I hear groans??).

Interesting and Uninteresting Numbers

The question arises: Are there any uninteresting numbers? We can prove that there are none by the following simple steps. If there are dull numbers, then we can divide all numbers into two sets - interesting and dull. In the set of dull numbers there will be only one number that is the smallest. Since it is the smallest uninteresting number it becomes, ipso facto , an interesting number. We must therefore remove it from the dull set and place it in the other. But now there will be another smallest uninteresting number. Repeating this process will make any dull number interesting.

Now the following must be one that has reached you long before you even understood any advanced math. Anyway, have a look at it and its obvious solution....nostalgia....

Assume that

a = b. (1)

Multiplying both sides by a,

a² = ab. (2)

Subtracting b² from both sides,

a² - b² = ab - b² . (3)

Factorizing both sides,

(a + b)(a - b) = b(a - b). (4)

Dividing both sides by (a - b),

a + b = b. (5)

If now we take a = b = 1, we conclude that 2 = 1. Or we can subtract b from both sides and conclude that a, which can be taken as any number, must be equal to zero. Or we can substitute b for a and conclude that any number is double itself. Our result can thus be interpreted in a number of ways, all equally ridiculous.

The paradox arises from a disguised breach of the arithmetical prohibition on division by zero, occurring at (5): since a = b, dividing both sides by (a - b) is dividing by zero, which renders the equation meaningless. As Northrop goes on to show, the same trick can be used to prove, e.g., that any two unequal numbers are equal, or that all positive whole numbers are equal.

Absurd? It sure is.

Now I move on to a much more exciting type of paradoxes- an Ontological Paradox. Before you start freaking out seeing the zsize of the word, chill. It's fascinating and reading this sets the dullest person's brains into clockwork.

So what the hell is the onto-something paradox???

Wikipedia(yes I know, I'm shamelessly copying....but I have no choice...at least I credit dear old Wiki!)-

An ontological paradox is a paradox of time travel that questions the existence and creation of information and objects that travel in time.

In simpler words, it challenges the logic behind the seemingly impossible concept of time-travel.

Let's look at the most famous example for this type of a paradox (again...kill me if I'm being teacher-ish, 'coz I totally know how that feels...).

It's called the
Grandfather Paradox.

Suppose a man traveled back in time and killed his biological grandfather before the latter met the traveller's grandmother. As a result, one of the traveller's parents (and by extension, the traveller himself) would never have been conceived. This would imply that he could not have travelled back in time after all, which in turn implies the grandfather would still be alive, and the traveller would have been conceived, allowing him to travel back in time and kill his grandfather. Thus each possibility seems to imply its own negation, a type of logical paradox.

Though who would ever do such a ridiculously stupid, not to mention cruel act, God knows.

The grandfather paradox has been used to argue that backwards time travel must be impossible. However, a number of possible ways of avoiding the paradox have been proposed, such as the idea that the timeline is fixed and unchangeable, or the idea that the time traveler will end up in a parallel timeline, while the timeline in which the traveler was born remains independent.

The concept of a parallel universe is what excites
me tremendously, but I won't bore you further by delving into whatever I know about that(at the moment, very limited).

However, I encourage everyone(of my age....don't want Ph.D graduates to laugh themselves silly about how puerile this post is) to read it up....MUCH more interesting than the Physics chapters I'm currently enduring in school(in my opinion the Ontological part comes under Physics).

Anyway, here is music for your eyes(if there ever is such a thing)...in the form of more paradoxes, represented pictorially. Also called Optical Illusions...

And wow, look at these...all made from chalk by a bunch of art and brains!

People are actually avoiding this...

I wish!!
More in the next post....
Until then, keep thinking!!


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Monday, May 26, 2008
"" @ 10:02:00 PM writes:

An alarmingly unnatural dread surrounds me as I type this post out. It claws and chews at my insides, creeps all the way from my head through my spine and spreads to my whole body, practically numbing my senses. It screams to me silently, but I am helpless. Helplessly trapped inside my own body.

No, this is
not an excerpt from some silly horror novel. It's more or less a slightly exaggerated version of how I'm feeling now. I'm not being hunted down, nor being stalked. I'm not even guilty of killing a flea. Not that I know of, anyway. That dread reminds me. Reminds me that in less than twenty four hours, I will be reading out the results of my board exams through the net. Either with a smile or a frown....

I should stop thinking about this now. I guess I'd better go do something more cheerful....like reading some jokes.



Friday, May 23, 2008
"" @ 8:45:00 PM writes:

Ghost Sighted At Raffles, Singapore

This video ought to be watched by all those who believe in the supernatural.


"" @ 4:06:00 PM writes:

Hello old readers, I'm back. Shifting chaos have somewhat subsided and I am eligible to bask in peace once again. Where am I found nowadays? In the comfort and solitude of my room, either getting my creative juices out by doing some craft or curling up with some book or the other borrowed from the local library. It's bliss.

Or so, till my brother comes barging in, begging me to help him get a high score on his computer game.

Anyway. I'm writing for the sake of filling up this blog, while searching for a new template. Seriously, didn't anyone think of giving me a good whack when I put up this utterly puerile template? Or were you all too polite to do so??

With that very bothering question, I sign off today, knowing that this post contains no significance at all. Oh well. You can't be expected to cook up something significant all the time.



Friday, April 04, 2008
"Give it a read! - eBooks, audiobooks or good old paperbacks?" @ 9:09:00 PM writes:

Give it a read! - eBooks, audiobooks or good old paperbacks?

Reading is, I proclaim at the risk of sounding highly cliched, a healthy way to kill time. Books have that uncanny ability to, well, practically grab us into their own worlds, where things actually happen in more exciting ways than they do in real life. In books, events happen which are touted by the characters as their destinies to witness, their fates to experience.

But in real life, not all events that happen in our life has a purpose. For example, the author of a mystery novel would never mention a seemingly casual drive around the city unless she or he meant for the character to face with an accident, or maybe pick out a clue along the drive, or something. But real life people do just go out on drives just for the fun of it, without anything eventful actually happening to them.

Well, you may say that the author does not include matter irrelevent to her plot, but readers most often don't think of that. They are too caught up in the characters' fascinating adventures, or miserably wondering why their lives weren't so eventful, to delve deep inside the author's mind.

Like a couple of hours back, when I started on this mystery novel borrowed from my friend , I completely devoured the whole book (between which my extremely annoying brother tried to read aloud the ending to the novel, but not before I snatched the book away and locked myself up in another room to peacefully continue reading, waiting patiently for the bad guy to reveal himself) in a couple of hours, in a whole sitting. I was so absorbed, so...well...intrigued by the storyline that I was, in typical American book-review lingo, 'hooked' to the book.

I recently downloaded 'Emma' by Jane Austen in the form of a legal, free e-book, from www.gutenburg.org. It showed up in Adobe Acrobat Reader, the printed words all laid out in front of me, on the LCD screen of my laptop, ready to be comprehended and read. But you know what? I don't think I survived through the first page of it.

Why, you may ask.

Because it just isn't fun. It just doesn't provide that right atmosphere, that familiar, comforting smell of new(or old) paper, or folding the corners of the pages as bookmarks( yes, I still do that, due to the sad fact that out of the dozens of bookmarks I tried to make, most of them either get misplaced or lost), or getting the actual feeling of holding the rectangular thing in your hands and flipping to the next page using your fingers to touch the paper, not to click the mouse.

Audiobooks prove to be another annoying example. I don't know about people, but I personally find it excruciatingly long and boring to actually listen to some random guy reading out the words of a book into your ears. How annoying is that! You can't even turn back the pages for rereading(okay, there's the rewind button, but I think flipping is better than rewinding). Plus, like in the case of ebooks, you can't get that feel of reading a real book.

I'm not saying ebooks or audiobooks are bad, or anything, because they do tend to save an awful lot of money when going for classics or non-fiction (newly released fiction books cannot be legally downloaded as they have copyright protection). I merely fear that they are actually replacing the actual paperbacks and hardbacks found in your corner bookstore. I know there are hundreds out there who are hard-core 'real book' fans, who detest ebooks and audiobooks, or those who haven't even heard of the before-mentioned terms. To them , I salute wholeheartedly.

And to those who still think the age-old notion 'reading is boring', then please give the Xth std CBSE History textbook a read.

Finally. Let me get back, my stomach is screaming for dinner...after which I intend to curl up comfortably with yet another book in my hand, hoping to finish it tonight itself.

Until then,
Keep imagining.



Wednesday, April 02, 2008
"" @ 1:45:00 PM writes:

OK right, I'm back (two posts in a day-whoa!) with a new list, which is slightly different from the rest. It has all sorts of crazy and unanswered questions...some may be familiar to you, some may not. So go ahead, read them and enjoy....

Life's Mysteries (courtsey of www.crazythoughts.com) (Handpicked by me)

Well....whew, that was like, the longest list ever, and I had to personally copy and paste each and everything in the list!!!! My fingers hurt....so....I depart, hoping you all enjoyed(if you could bear to go through the whole list) reading them....

While you puzzle your brains over these questions, I take a break from typing...